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Welcome Vendors!

 We're excited to welcome you to Blue Rose Venue!

 We believe having a great relationship with our client's vendors

ensures the success of every event hosted at the venue.


For a seamless and safe experience for all, we kindly request that all vendors

working an event at our venue provide proof of liability insurance (COI)

at least two weeks before the clients' scheduled events.


For your convenience, please use our designated vendor entrance

equipped with a ramp for easy access.

You can find it at 28 Brookside Ave, Caldwell, NJ.


We kindly request that you adhere to our parking regulations

to ensure smooth operations.

Double parking, even for just a few minutes, is not permitted.

To avoid receiving a parking ticket,

please don't  park in yellow line areas or near the curb.


We're excited about the opportunity to collaborate

with you and look forward to working together again  in the near future.

Your contribution will undoubtedly enhance the experiences

of our clients event and their guests.


Vendor Entrance:

28 Brookside Ave. 

Caldwell NJ

Main Entrance:

31 Westville Ave.

Caldwell NJ

Upload your COI
or upload a screenshot of your COI

Thanks for submitting!

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